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UC Santa Cruz Protest Continues On Despite Arrests

UC Santa Cruz Protest Continues On Despite Arrests

During the strike at the University of California Santa Cruz, at least 20 undergraduate students ended up leaving the strike in handcuffs. Officers arrested these students during the…

Harford Teachers Picket Over Stagnant Salaries And Additional Work Day

Harford Teachers Picket Over Stagnant Salaries And Additional Work Day

Unhappy over unsettled work and salary related issues, Harford County teachers, picketed outside of the Ring Factory School, Friday afternoon, after the schools had been let out for…

Industry News

CampusNexus TM Finance HR & Payroll Created by Campus Management Corp and Microsoft

Summary: Microsoft and Campus Management Corp. announced a new partnership that has created CampusNexus TM Finance,…

Chief of Chevron Wants Diversification

Chief of Chevron Wants Diversification

The CEO of Chevron Corporation, John Watson, has made a statement about the desire to…

Find Your Next Job in Occupational Therapy at EmploymentCrossing

Find Your Next Job in Occupational Therapy at EmploymentCrossing

Professionals working across the country want reputable places to find jobs when they are ready…


Updated Employment Numbers Show Milestone

Updated Employment Numbers Show Milestone

The economy in the United States has managed to get back all the private sector jobs that were lost when turmoil…


Political Drama Over Cash Benefits

Political Drama Over Cash Benefits

A discussion that started over cash benefits provided to low-income families through the county assistance office has led to some political drama. While both Republicans and Democrats agree…

Shutdown Limits Effect on Employee Benefits

The partial federal government shutdown amidst the launch of online health exchanges has left many employers and employees confused on the next course of action. But the online…

Death Benefits Denied When Estranged Husband Murdered Employee

In South Dakota, Julie Tassler served divorce papers to her husband on Dec. 23, 2008. The following day, while on break, her vengeful husband shot and killed her…

HR Career Resources

Planning For A Second (Post Retirement) Career – 3 Tips to Get There

Increased longevity and better health during senior (post retirement) years is definitely a positive thing. At the same time, it raises a few critical concerns about the quality of life keeping in view the rapidly growing inflation rates and the sudden reduction in income post retirement. To address both issues most senior people today plan for a second career, i.e. working after their retirement. Make the Best of Your Post-Retirement Life A second career is an excellent option as this will bring in a steady income as well as generate tremendous satisfaction about post-retirement life. Senior people often feel depressed and useless after their retirement. The ability to start a new career instills new hope and fills the heart and mind with a new zest for life. This in turn, […]

October 9, 2014  Read More


Study Finds a Distinction Between the Young and the Old in the Workplace

The Generation Gap is a popular term to signify the differences between younger and older people. It’s typically used in reference to parents and their children, but…


Employees Claim Their Workweek Was Changed So Company Could Avoid Paying Overtime

Five current and former employees of Redland Energy Services in Arkansas initiated a civil suit against the company. The plaintiffs alleged that Redland had violated the Fair…

Employee Management

Mayor Proposes New Changes For Hiring and Evaluating Employees

The Mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu, has come up with a proposal that would change the way that the government evaluates and hires its employees. It…

Legal Issues

Downsizing HR Department Could Have Negative Impact

There are many companies that take their structural system seriously. At the same time, they are using outsourcing options that could be preventing them from having a…

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